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Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care is fundamentally skincare that incorporates ingredients available in nature. These ingredients are largely plant-based or plant-derived ingredients which may include, flowers, leaves, roots, herbs, seeds, essential oils, etc. These raw ingredients are collected and refined into powder, oils, extracts, hydrosols, butters, etc to make it simple for formulators to use.


However, natural skincare formulations also make use of animal-derived substances such as beeswax and minerals. Such substances are constituted with other carrier materials like humectants, surfactants, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc., all of which play amazing roles in turning raw ingredients into the final products you so enjoy. They usually have the strange names you see in the ingredients section on the labels.

Many of the natural ingredients have been clinically studied and found to offer great benefits for the skin. This could very easily explain the reason consumers are recently expressing an increasing preference for skin products that advertise the inclusion of organic and natural ingredients. That is to say, many people are buying into the idea of using skincare products that use a lot of natural ingredients in their formulation. 


It is important then to know that though many cosmetic brands are tagging their products as organic/natural, some countries have no legal definitions for advertising terms “natural” or “organic” when applied to personal care products; for which reason, some use it loosely. It behooves on you as a consumer to at least read the ingredient section to ensure that there are the very ingredients for which the product has been advertised for. Of course, the product feels great because it has many ingredients performing their bit to make the main ingredient shine; but at least the main ingredient advertised must be in there. All you have to do is look them up on the internet.

That is why we, at Belle Rosini Naturals, commit to research and diligence to ensure the advertising claims we make regarding our products have integrity.


Just as not everything in nature is beneficial to us, some natural products may be harmful the skin. Just like food allergies makes people cautious about eating certain foods, people should also pay equal attention what they use on their skin—always taking a moment to read the ingredients listed and what purpose they serve in the product.

Natural skin care ingredients include  butters (e.g, shea butter, cocoa butter…), oils (argan, jojoba, squalene, coconut, sunflower, grapeseed, rosehip…), essential oil (orange, peppermint, lavender, grapefruit, ylang ylang, rose, geranium… ), extracts (green tea, coffee, mulberry…)etc

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